Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of colors, fonts or logos can I use?

We can use essentially all colors, fonts, and logos in your custom designs. Here’s how the process works: send us a description of what you want your design to look like, as well as whatever images or text you would like included in the design. We will get in touch with you and give you a mud flap design for final approval, after which we start producing your custom design.

What’s the turnaround time look like?

On average, our orders are completed about two weeks from the point the order was made. That’s a shorter time-frame than our competitors can offer you!

How do I order custom products?

I don’t have a design for my custom products. Can you help?

Grill Numbers

Why do I want a custom grill number for my apparatus?

Difference between painted on numbers and metal numbers?

What size numbers should I choose?

Do I have to worry about airflow restriction to the radiator?

Does the truck overheat?

How do I install my grill numbers?

Will these numbers fit on my truck?

Mud flaps